Scam or fraud: Axis Bank — waive off the charges account(xxxx xxxx xxxx 8617)

Submitted by: Vineet Sharma Vats

Complaint Details:


as i understood, my AXIS BANK credit card renewal fee has become large and continually growing every month especially when i am not using my credit card, its deactivated. as far as i remember
Total Payment Due(0.00 ) Minimum Payment Due(0.00 ) Statement Period (16/05/2017 – 15/06/2017) Payment Due Date(05/07/2017) Statement Generation Date(15/06/2017). since the time i didn’t use my card.

next month statement

Total Payment Due(295.00 Dr ) Minimum Payment Due(100.00 Dr) Statement Period(16/06/2017 – 13/10/2017) Payment Due Date(04/11/2017) Statement Generation Date (13/10/2017)

6/09/2017 ANNUAL FEE MYCHOICE CARD 250.00 Dr
16/09/2017 GST 45.00 Dr

I hv already about 4-5 months ago raise concern regarding waiver off for the same and kept me assured that it will be done but didn’t receive any positive response kindly take needful action and waiver off all charges from my account(XXXX XXXX XXXX 8617).

current month statement
Total Payment Due(3, 897.04 Dr ) Minimum Payment Due(521.00 Dr ) Statement Period(14/04/2018 – 15/05/2018) Payment Due Date(IMMEDIAT ) Statement Generation Date(15/05/2018)

RS.295 to Rs.3897 very painful to pay especially i didn’t purchase anything.

I agreed its all due to my ignorance but i beg you AXIS BANK please help me out this time next time i will take care.

i thought if i don’t use credit card no charges will apply.

Vineet Sharma