Scam or fraud: Axis Bank — Irrelevant and suspicious correspondence

Submitted by: ktalpasai

Complaint Details:

I have received, not one or two, but sixteen emails in one- go in my email box on Dec 27, 2016 from your email ID:Axis Bank . The following reply given by me to your latest email and the reply since forward by me to your following email ID have been returned to me undelivered: ‘’. It seems you have put in place most deplorable one-way communication system . I would like to draw your attention for addressing the issue referred to in my following reply letter. In the process of lodging my complaint, by mistake I have unnecessary given my email ID etc. in your For Discounts, Coupons & Offers option
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
K. A. N. Talpasai

‘1.I do not understand why you are flooding my email box with your emails asking me to validate my non-existing Axis Bank Account. On Dec 27, 2016 itself, I received 16 emails. I do not have any account in the Axis Bank and have no connection whatsoever, not even remotely with the bank. I wonder from where you have stolen details of my email ID and mobile numbers.

2. I have been receiving savings transaction details pertaining to Savings account 04138 to my mobile number 97399 58608 which does not pertains to me. This has reference to one such sms I received on Oct 27, 2016. Long back, I complained to your customer care centre about this. For some time, no sms was received and there after, the story repeated.

3. Day in, day out, we have been hearing a lot of shady dealings, the Axis bank has been engaged in. Please take notice that in case if you do not delete my personal details from the records of your bank, I may be compelled to take legal action against you.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,
K. A. N. Talpasai’