Scam or fraud: Axis Bank — heavy consolidated charges for no reason

Submitted by: John Mc Lane

Complaint Details:

I have an Axis Bank savings account of Gudiwada branch in Andhra Pradesh. I was a student when I opened account and didn’t maintain minimum balance properly as I have no income and accepted the penalty of 500. Now I am doing a small job and I maintained minimum balance of Rs.10, 000/- every month.Still they are debiting a total of Rs.1750 every month. When I consulted the bank staff they said that Average balance must reach Rs.10000/-. I verified for every month and it reached 10k. How much money I must waste like this. I waited for 3 months and now I am gonna close the damn account. Before closing, I decided to post a serious complaint on Axis Bank. That is why I am here. The only plus point about Axis Bank is its banking features. Now, I am done. I can’t afford any more. If there is no money how can I enjoy Banking Services???