Scam or fraud: Apple India — unfair trade practices

Submitted by:  Chandra_ac

Complaint Details:

I have been using apple products for the past 5+ years. I recently had issues with my iphone 7 and with my apple watch series 3. The screen of my iphone and watch cracked in quick succession due to my fault. I took my watch and phone to the authorized apple service center, to my surprise it was told that the apple does not repair the watch and they will replace it for me. Cost of repair was quoted at 20, 000 INR. While a new watch costs 28, 000. For my iphone the cost of repair was quoted at 32, 000 (16K for the screen and +16K for the body). While a new iphone 7 costs 38, 000 on Amazon. I am ok to pay a reasonable repair cost but cost quoted by Apple was simply exorbitant. This is pure exploitation, and will drive away customers.

I feel this is completely not acceptable. Apple should repair products at reasonable price and should not exploit their loyal customers. I feel this is unfair trade practice. This is start of the end game for Apple. I hope someone is listening. I will hence forth think 100times before buying an apple product. I think i am better off with one plus or Samsung…