Scam or fraud: Annamalai University — wes second verification delay

Submitted by: Senthil Kumarn

Complaint Details:

I would like to inform you that WES has sent Re-verification to Annamalai University by email and by post on October 2018, we are not sure why only for Annamalai University they send re-verification where as other university verification has passed.

However, When we try to reach Controller of examination via email we came to know that emails are bouncing, so we called controller of examination and they confirmed that they have not received any email from WES for us.

so the only option left for us is the postal verification, according to WES after Receiving the post; Annamalai University can send a confirmation reply by email would be fine. However it is more than 20 days and have not received any positive confirmation from Annamallai University.

As this is very important process for us, I humbly request and grateful if you could consider this request with priority to check our WES reference number 3738852 & 3738893 for postal delivery or an email and reply to WES via email.

Thank you