Scam or fraud: Amazon — Order # 406-0099815-6318766

Submitted by: Mehul Dodiya

Complaint Details:
Above Order I was supposed to receive on Monday 19th December 2016, which I didn’t received till today (23rd December 2016). In the order status it was mentioned than delivery attempted on 19th December but really it was never attempted (1st Lie) . When I called Amazon on 21st Dec Morning they said that order was returned due to defective product (2nd Lie). Same day when I called again some other executive said the product is Okay and it is with the courier office and I will get the product delivered Next Day (3rd Lie).
On 22nd December Morning I called again to Amazon they said the Product will be delivered to Me today which was not delivered till evening (4th Lie). Finally I called courier department yesterday evening, they said there is some issue from Amazon Itself.

Amazon Blaming Courier Office and Courier Office Amazon.

There is no coordination between Amazon Executives and Between Amazon and Courier department, They just keep our phone lines on hold and does nothing.

Order delivery is already delayed by a week now, I demand credit against the problems I have faced as credit now.