Scam or fraud: Airtel — Request post to pre

Submitted by: Varma dc

Complaint Details:
I met Airtel Office at Thiruvallore today by 4 pm. Requested to provide facility to convert my Airtel no.99406 99366 post paid plan to prepaid plan. But they are not able to help me, the staff available in this Thiruvallore centre is not having knowledge to serve the customers. The head of the centre is not available and told to come after one hour. After one I contacted the centre staff and told that SIR is bussy and asked to come next day. This is not the service to the customer. I want to cancel my Airtel number due to poor response in Thiruvallore Airtel centre. By Er.Varma, Thiruvallore. Can you take any action in this regard. Thank yoi