Scam or fraud: Abhyudaya Developers — Complete fraud ranjana – md, -, abhyudaya developers indiranagar bangalore

Submitted by: msgqa team

Complaint Details:
Rajjana – MD of Abhyudaya Developers is a complete 420. Firstly people get deceived by looking at his Indira Nagar office, his car and his buildup. Basically, he is a broker, who do not own any land and makes use of his local contacts and get to know the availability of Land. After that, he deceives some farmers by offering them fancy prices generally min 20-30% higher than market rates, so the farmer falls to his trap and does an agreement with some amount as advance. He does all his projects this way. One good part will be he is local to Mandur Village and his own house is very near to Mandur Village, which is a very hot location in terms of real estate. This is where customers will fall in his trap because of proximity of his projects to nearby big projects of Brigade or Prestige, so the customers start paying advance in one or two lakhs with very little documentation. Now he starts rotating that money left and right in different problems he has with other projects or sometimes he will spend money on his lifestyle[ Examples are his office in Indira Nagar, interiors in his office or his Jaguar car or foreign trips ..]. Whichever the problem is on top of his mind he will divert the money to that, now one can understand that new problem will arise in future from the money he got on that day. This story is continuing since his project Lotus garden started in 2010 or 2011. People may think that now he became good and he is doing good development in Abhyudaya residency I or II which he projects. Folks he simply offers one or two plots for road contractor as he will not have money to pay at a later stage. All his projects are financially not feasible because he offers very high value to landowners in the initial stage itself to start some project for rotation of money, but he never completes it and he always spends money lavishly to showcase as if he is super rich or big shot but the fact is he is just a regular broker with no land on his own or his family. He is in a complete state of mess which no one can resolve. He bluffs like anything, he tells that land owner is my uncle or relative and they will just blindly listen to me and come for registration, everything is a farce. There are still people who need to be paid back for many of his old projects. There are complaints against him in Jayanagar police station for lotus garden on various check bounce issues. He will tell even I know Siddarammaya Karnataka CM, just ignore approach police station if he is harassing for long.

Note: I am writing in a detailed way because I felt very bad that people are still believing him and losing their money. If he is still getting positive review 200% it is a fake review.